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DJS Research Ltd is a UK based independent market research company offering a full range of quantitative market research solutions to suit your needs. We have extensive experience of conducting quantitative research within a number of industry sectors with both consumers and businesses throughout the UK and abroad.


Market research data collection techniques fall under one of two broad methodologies: Quantitative Research (such as street surveys, telephone interviews, hall tests, door to door, product placements) and Qualitative Research (focus groups and depth interviews).


Both these methods provide different but valuable insights into consumer behaviour and are often most valuable when combined, although they are frequently conducted independently.


In essence, quantitative research seeks to discover how many people think, act or feel a particular way (as opposed to why they do) and as such this form of research often utilises large samples ranging in size from around 50, up to thousands of respondents - though it is key that all respondents are asked the same series of questions regardless of sample size.


To allow for better statistical analysis quantitative research studies most often take the form of a tightly structured closed-question questionnaire undertaken either over the phone, on the street, by post (self-completion) or through web based sessions.


Though there are other alternatives such as face to face interviewing in homes or omnibus surveys (where clients pay for several questions that would not be viable normally, but when combined with those of other clients produce a larger more practical survey – these are generally run on a weekly basis and different companies will subscribe as and when they require data)


What are the key differences between quantitative and qualitative research?

Table 1 shows how they differ.

Table 1: Key Differences – Quantitative And Qualitative Research Information.

Quantitative Research Information.
Typified by...
Qualitative Research Information.
Typified by...
Larger samples Smaller samples
Statistically valid Directional findings
Analyses numbers – how many think what? Analyses thoughts and feelings
Closed questioning techniques (less opportunity to ask ‘why?’) Open questioning techniques
Who thinks what? (Measuring) Why do people think/behave as they do? (Explaining)
Analysed in aggregate Allows us to provide anecdotal type information – for example (with permission of the respondent), we can highlight case study examples for ‘interesting’ companies to demonstrate certain points

Quantitative research can help in a wide range of situations. Our consultants are experienced in undertaking quantitative research in a wide variety of sectors and situations, in both business-to-business and consumer markets.


If you are seeking to conduct a quantitative piece of research, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phoning +44 (0)1663-767857 or through our online contact form which can be found here.

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Further Information About DJS Research Ltd

We are a consultancy based in the North West of England. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service but at affordable and value for money rates. In addition, we can guarantee that a Senior Consultant will conduct your quantitative research from start to finish.


We are members of the Market Research Society, ESOMAR, AIMRI and ICG, which means all projects adhere to their quality standards.


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